I think maybe our posts will show up in the tags now, so I’m going to introduce myself!

I’m Moe, a transethnically white male. I’m part of a multiple system, and my headmate is Melkor. He’s kind of grumpy sometimes, but I’m always friendly and excited to talk to new people. :)

I’m tagging this otherkin, but I know that being transethnic and multiple aren’t necessarily related to being otherkin. I just think it’s a really neat concept. :D


Hey Moe. Nice to meet you. I’m Skye. I’m a transdisabled white male. I’m a chicken otherkin with a few multiples. I’m also a lithromantic.

The concept of otherkin is really cool. I think it makes so much sense and really helps me to figure out more about myself that I wouldn’t have if such a thing was never discovered.


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